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Cat on the Mat

                                                    Early Reader No. 1

                            Story by Jennifer Cooper-Trent                  © Reading Head Start.
                            Illustrations by Anthony Mitchell  
                                   No part of this Publication can be reproduced without a license
           Cut ‘n                                                                                             Page 1a

                                                Single Syllable Words
                       Sound the Words : pronounce each letter separately, then blend the separate
                       sounds into a continuous word (c--a--t, c-a-t, c-aaa-t, cat).

                       Whole Words: - Explain that these must be memorized/recognized.
                       Punctuation : Explain "full stop" ( . ) - Stop, take a breath, then start new
                               Short Vowel : ‘a’ as in ‘cat’ ---- Whole Words : ‘The’, ‘the’

                                           Try These New Words

                      cat rat fat bat mat

                                         The the a
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